Q: Is the Fitness Vest weighted?

A: The EX Fitness Vest focuses on boosting your metabolism and speeding up Fat Loss. The Fitness Vest is not weighted but instead it is created to make you sweat in all the hard to reach areas.

Q. Is the vest similar to a waist trainer?

A. Our sleek masculine design is geared toward the anatomical makeup of a male. With similar compression technology that increases sweat and targets problem areas much like a waist trainer. Covering the whole torso, the vest allows more opportunity for coverage in order to reach those places that a waist trainer cannot. 

  • Traps and Tank Top line
  • Reduces Chest Fat 
  • Full coverage of abdominal wall

Q: Can women wear this Fitness Vest?

A: Absolutely! Women can do whatever they want. Keeping features in mind, please measure accordingly and choose the size most suitable for you.  

Q. Where can I find your policies?

A: You can find our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Refund Policy all hyperlinked here. 


Key Benefits of EX Fitness Vest!

Search the market, there is nothing like it! Top of the line sourced material, masculine and fashionable aesthetic, and guaranteed results. 

Boosts your metabolism by increasing your inner core temperature

Look strong, feel strong, be strong.  The mobility of the vest makes you feel like a super human. Rather you are an athlete or working out just for health this will give you the look and feel to level up. 

The High Quality Latex and Nylon blend provides sweat retention that will have your drenched. Want to get rid of that stubborn fat and increase your results? This is how you do it!

The unique Compression Technology provides increases the engagement of your core and supports your back during both low impact and high intensity workouts.

No bending, no rolling up. The EX Fitness Vest is Comfortable and lightweight! Great for any level of physical activity.