Meet Randy

Energy Xperience, Randy Mallard

It’s more than just fitness for Randy. It’s waking up each day being ready to transform lives. 

An NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, Randy obtained his Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science from Indiana State University. He specialized in functional movement and high intensity interval training (HIIT), motivating and inspiring people in each and every gym he worked at. His energy was contagious and quickly spread as he grew a loyal following of men and women dedicated to changing their lives one day at a time. 

In 2021, he created the first Fitness Vest for Men, as a way to help his clients target their chest, abs, and back during the workout and enhanced their results. No more double hoodies or trash bags for your workout.

The Vest quickly became a sensation with customers loving the benefits for running, weight lifting, HIIT, and that sweaty chest when you take it off. With lab testing, he discovered that the Vest increased cardiovascular health, increased your metabolism, and stabilized the core for increased strength building and muscle toning.  

Each and every day, Randy brings his energy to the Core Energy Xperience fitness programs available in our app. 

"What you give is what you get" is Randy’s mantra for life that he brings to his roles as an entrepreneur, trainer, husband, and father. We believe that the energy you bring to your life will transform your life and every life you touch.  

It’s more than just fitness. 

It’s the Xperience of making each and every day better.