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Our story

We create ways to sustain a healthy lifestyle that fits into your everyday living. Our philosophies produce results from altering the mindset about nutrition, positive living and following an amazing fitness program. We want to change the perspective of how changing your life should be. Being realest we understand that every day is "Not 100% perfect, just 1% better".

A Message From Your Trainers!

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Randy Mallard

Atlanta, GA

During this time of change I understand that support is truly an essential piece fro continued growth. Its a honor to help lead the culture through these troubling times.

Whitney Dickerson

Atlanta, GA

This program is important because it breaks down the fundamentals of nutrition and makes it more relatable. This 1% Better Accountability Program is without a doubt a guided pathway for your own success. All you have to do is use the given tools.

Program Detail

1% Better Checklist
1% more growth is still progress. Every day we will provide tools for you to become better in more than one way in your life. Self, Family and Passion Goals set daily to get you closer to happiness.
Nutritional Guidance
Without purposeful eating, there would never be a chance to receive a healthy relationship with your nutrition. With Meal Plans, Mental shifts and planning we are here to shift your perspective.
Mindset Guide and Resources
Without changing the way you think it's impossible to have longterm success. We will provide Mindset practices to help alter that.
Get up and move! We will Provide 5 Days of Live Streamed Workouts. What better way to take advantage of a program that will get you the results that you've been waiting on.

Conscious, but comfortable

We understand that whatever your mind thinks your body will follow. Its time to change your life during a time that it is most needed. Lets get going.

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